50PCS Barrel Swivel/ Duo-Loc Snap


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Size1 41mm 30kgSize10 20mm 12kgSize12 17mm 9kgSize14 15mm 3kgSize1I0 43mm 35kgSize2 35mm 30kgSize2I0 50mm 40kgSize3 33mm 30kgSize4 29mm 25kgSize5 28mm 30kgSize6 25mm 18kgSize7 24mm 30kgSize8 22mm 12kg
Size1 41mm 30kg
Size10 20mm 12kg
Size12 17mm 9kg
Size14 15mm 3kg
Size1I0 43mm 35kg
Size2 35mm 30kg
Size2I0 50mm 40kg
Size3 33mm 30kg
Size4 29mm 25kg
Size5 28mm 30kg
Size6 25mm 18kg
Size7 24mm 30kg
Size8 22mm 12kg
ChinaFranceRussian FederationSpain
Russian Federation
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