Bluster Bait W/ Craw Trailer Junebug


VMC Hooks

Powder Coat Finish

Silver Turbo Blade

1 Bladed Jig and Trailer

Get devastating results with a Bluster Bait and a soft plastic trailer! The Bluster Bait w/ Trailer features the same features extra sharp VMC hooks, ultra-thin, ultra-stiff blades and a super tough powder coat finish as the standard Bluster Bait. The Difference is the addition of a Crazee Craw, Bass Grenade, or an Ominous Trailer. The combination provides maximum swimming action, flash, and thump, with a superior hookup ratio. Fished fast or slow, up high or down deep, the Baitlicious Bluster Bait w/ Trailer swim jig can easily become become your favorite bait.


1/4 oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz