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Obei HURRICANE Casting / Spinning Rod


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Cast1.68m 3-14g TSCast1.80m 5-20g TSCast2.10m 10-30g TSCast2.13m7-35g FujiCast2.40m 15-40g TSCast2.42m10-42g FujiCast2.43m 40-120g TSCast2.70m 15-40g TSCast2.72m10-49g FujiCast3.00m 15-70g TSSpin1.68m 3-14g TSSpin1.80m 5-20g TSSpin2.10m 10-30g TSSpin2.13m 7-35g FujiSpin2.40m 15-40g TSSpin2.42m10-42g FujiSpin2.43m 40-120g TSSpin2.70m 15-40g TSSpin2.72m10-49g FujiSpin3.00m 15-70g TS
Cast1.68m 3-14g TS
Cast1.80m 5-20g TS
Cast2.10m 10-30g TS
Cast2.13m7-35g Fuji
Cast2.40m 15-40g TS
Cast2.42m10-42g Fuji
Cast2.43m 40-120g TS
Cast2.70m 15-40g TS
Cast2.72m10-49g Fuji
Cast3.00m 15-70g TS
Spin1.68m 3-14g TS
Spin1.80m 5-20g TS
Spin2.10m 10-30g TS
Spin2.13m 7-35g Fuji
Spin2.40m 15-40g TS
Spin2.42m10-42g Fuji
Spin2.43m 40-120g TS
Spin2.70m 15-40g TS
Spin2.72m10-49g Fuji
Spin3.00m 15-70g TS
BelgiumChinaRussian Federation
Russian Federation
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