PopMaster Topwater Popper


Baitlicious PopMaster Topwater Popper

Large Intake System

2 3/4″ long

Popular Colors

PopMaster Topwater Popper

The PopMaster Topwater Popper features a unique gill system that consists of two large water-intakes for water moving action. Two large intakes channel water through the gills and out to the sides, creating a unique splashing/chugging action on the surface. This generates enticing bubbles and a surface disturbance that bass can’t resist. The intake system keeps the lure from skipping across the water. This system utilizes the water pressure that is pushed through the large chambers to keep the lure stabile so it can be worked faster. In addition, when the lure is paused, water flows out of the chamber, causing the PopMaster Topwater Popper to raise head first and survey its surroundings.
The PopMaster Topwater Popper can be fished like a traditional popper, and with gentle rod-tip action, the PopMaster Topwater Popper will have a roll-walk action, combining the unique elements of both a popper and a walking bait. For best results, fish the opMaster Topwater Popper over grass beds or on shallow points early in the morning. The  PopMaster Topwater Popper is available in a variety of proven colors.