Right Size Clam Bites


Right Size Clam Bites

  • Salt preserved
  • No cutting needed, just put on your hook and fish
  • No Mess
  • Will last for months
  • About 8oz of bait including salt

Right Size Clam Bites

Why put up with messy, mushy, smelly, frozen clams? Try our Baitlicious salted Right Size Clam Bites made especially for Great Outdoors Shops for a fun-filled day of fishing! These are smaller clams that don’t require cutting! These clams are tough and one piece will easily stop the worst of bait stealers! Clam scent is preserved in the bait and is a proven fish attractant. The Right Size Clam Bites are perfect for putting right on your hook and get right to catching fish.
These are naturally scented, mess-free clams that are hand-salt in our proprietary salt mixture. All the natural scents of the clam are retained in the bait and dispersed when the bait hits the water. Each pack will come with about 8 ounces of bait and some salt preservative. This is about 16-20 freshly salted clam bites. This is a tried and true favorite of boat, pier and surf anglers and we know you’ll enjoy it too.

right size clam bites

Our salt preserved bait is hand made using our own brining technique. Our salt and processes bring you a bait that lasts longer, can sit open (preferably not in the direct sun) without developing foul odors, becoming soft or losing texture. Every package is produced and shipped from Central Florida, USA.

Some of the fish that you would target with our Right Size Clam Bites:

Saltwater: Pompano. Flounder, Halibut, Striped Bass, Speckled Trout, Red Drum, Black Drum, Many varieties of Florida baitfish, Porgy, Mangrove Snapper, Grouper

Freshwater:  All species of Catfish, Largemouth  & Smallmouth Bass, Carp,  White & Yellow Perch, Crappie


How to keep and care for your Great Outdoors Shops Right Size Clam Bites:

Keep out of direct sunlight when fishing

Keep in the fridge for optimal storage (up to 6 months)