Twitch Jerkbait


Baitlicious Twitch Jerkbait

The  Twitch Soft Jerk Bait is a known fish catcher! The natural shape is attractive to predators in both fresh and salt water, but tank bass really love them. The  Twitch swoops and glides through the water effortlessly because of it’s streamlined shape. You can use them weightless and they hit the surface like troubled baitfish. If you insert a weight, you can easily get the Twitch down around structure or deep into cover. Be confident with Twitches anytime you need an awesome baitfish imitation. With all the available color choices, you’ll be able to find one that works magic on the fish in your lake.

They come:

  • 3.75″ or 4.75″
  • 8 to a pkg.


Twitch Jerkbait


3.75", 4.75"


Baby Bass, Junebug, Green Pumpkin, White, Sungill, Bluegill, Redbug, Midnight, New Years Eve, Key Lime, Houdini, Blue Devil, Tennessee Shad, Sexy Shad, Purple Sparkle Colorshift (Limited Edition), Silver, Red, Green Colorshift (Limited Edition), Blue, Green Colorshift (Limited Edition), Motor Oil Red/ Black Flake