The X-Bug is one of the most versatile baits out there. You can cast it, pitch it, flip it, or use it as a trailer. Whatever the condition, the X-Bug is ready to go to work. The tail comes molded together, but can easily pulled apart for even more action, if needed.

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The X-Bug is Great Outdoors Shops’ premier flippin’, jiggin and pitchin’ bait. As with all of our soft plastics, it is made for durability, action and in a wide range of colors. It’s available in 3.25″ and 4″


3.25", 4.0"


Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Junebug, Redbug, Okeechobee Craw, Orange Craw, Bruised Banana, Mudbelly, Moonjuice, Blue Craw Laminate, Bluegill, Midnight