3.75 Sledgehammer


3.75 Sledgehammer

  • 3.75″ long
  • Thick, solid body
  • Effortless action in the tail
  • Fresh or saltwater colors
  • Available in a 5 Bait Umbrella Rig Set

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3.75 Sledgehammer

Designed to provoke instant reactions, The 3.75 Sledgehammer looks great out of the water and epic under the surface. With its lifelike appearance and realistic movements, the 3.75 Sledgehammer is sure to entice even the most hesitant of fish. Its blunt nose and scaled body are designed to move water and mimic shapes found in nature. Whether you’re fishing in clear or murky waters, the Sledgehammer’s design ensures it will catch the eye of any nearby predator. The thin, paddle tail creates violent vibrations at any speed. Thanks to its unique composition, the Sledgehammer creates a commotion in the water that fish just can’t resist. The 3.75 Sledgehammer soft plastic swim bait is extremely versatile and offers attractive action whether you are baiting it with the nose on a drop-shot set up or as a spinner bait trailer. Not only is the Sledgehammer effective for bass fishing, but its saltwater colors make it a must-have for any saltwater angler. It targets bass but we also offer saltwater colors, which make the bait deadly to all predators!

The 3.75 Sledgehammer is also available in a 5 bait set for A-rigs and Umbrella rigs. For those interested in using multiple baits at once, the 5 bait Sledgehammer set is a great option to maximize your chances of hooking a big one. The Sledgehammer bait set is the perfect addition to the Feeding Frenzy rigs!

Order your 3.75 Sledgehammer today and experience the ultimate in versatile and effective soft plastic swim baits!


White, Pearl, Junebug, Golden Shiner, New Penny, Bruised Gill, Tennessee Shad, Sexy Shad, South Africa Special, Smoke Shad, Snowstorm

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